05 May 2016
Modified Sport Activities 2-6 May 2016

Dear Students and Parents,

Due to the extreme heat the outdoor sports after school activities are being largely affected. We have decided to prepare for this week by planning to adapt the programme for Monday 2nd - Friday 6th May. We will closely monitor the weather and make a decision for the remainder of the week in due course.

Please see summary of the activities that will take place as normal and those activities that will still take place in modification. Please note that in the case of modified activities that the venue will have likely changed and please bring the appropriate footwear for the facility.


Unfortunately in some cases, due to lack of available appropriate facilities, we are having to cancel some activities - apologies for the inconvenience caused. Please can these students be met at the end of school at 2.40pm

We hope that the heat wave will come to an end soon and activities will all be able to resume as planned.

Best Wishes,


Michael Preston
Director of Sport